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Game Room is where award-winning marketing skills meet in-depth gamer knowledge.

A campaign without a strong idea will be perceived as a game without substance.

Jackie Davis

We are a fast-moving, action-orientated agency.

Lau Glendinning

Create for the few. Make it work for the many. That’s our creative philosophy.

Jackie Davis

Good client servicing means value for money.

Lau Glendinning, Client Services

Make Your
Content King.

Demand for content may be at unprecedented levels but so is competition for gamers’ attention. At Game Room, behind every piece of great content is a great idea. And behind every great idea is great strategy. It’s the way we think big that gives our content the edge. As true 360 experts, our ideas will always work across multiple channels.

Good things come to those who click.

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Ideas That
Go Bang.

At Game Room we believe in powerful ideas. Ideas that demand attention, capture imaginations and ignite across social media. Ideas that go bang. From global Triple A campaigns to gameplay trailers, we put a bit of bang into every bit of content we create. And the results speak for themselves.

Delve Deeper

Quality video production can make the difference between being shared and being ignored.

Carl Grinter

Our strategies think beyond media and technology to gain insight into what gamers really want.

Gareth Kane

Make It Great. Make It Work.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, every new game release is under pressure to perform.  At Game Room, we help manage that pressure by putting campaign effectiveness at the heart of everything we do.

Delve Deeper

Our goal is to spark conversations everywhere, using every element of a game’s development and promotion.

Corey Wade

Market research needn’t be prohibitive. Cost and turnaround times can be surprising.

Seb Martin

Our Partners.

One specialist team. Game Room partners are leaders in their fields. Combining this collective expertise into a single team allows Game Room to deliver creativity, quality and affordability, making a real difference to your marketing campaign.